About The National Association of Park Home Residents

In 1998 NAPHR was one of the parties that became involved with the Park Home Working Party (PHWP) (now part of the Department of Communities and Local Government) group.  Here every aspect of park home life and legislation came under discussion.  This work led to the Mobile Homes Act 2013 which came into force in England on 1st September 2013.

In 2015, the Government set up a Park Homes Working Group “to identify evidence of poor practice where it exists, and investigate how best to raise standards and further tackle abuse”.  The Group, which again included NAPHR and other national resident groups and industry trade bodies, concluded its work and put forward its recommendations to Government.  It is these recommendations and representations form NAPHR and other resident groups that have led to the 2 part review currently taking place by the Government.

NAPHR still works very closely with the Department of Communities and Local Government representing its members views and keeping the government informed about the effectiveness of any relevant legislation.

It is thanks to the work of NAPHR and other resident groups that the government saw the need to legislate the Park Home industry and to conduct the review into its effectiveness.

A full summary of the development of this act and the reviews can be found in the House of Commons Library   http://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN01080

The Welsh Assembly introduced new legislation in 2013.  Click here for a copy of the Legislation and here for a summary.

The advice on the Scottish legislation is here.

Information on Northern Ireland can be found here: Caravans Act (NI) 2011 detailed guidance

Work continues and NAPHR representatives are in regular attendance at consultation meetings.

This is not the only aspect of NAPHR’s work.  NAPHR’s Committee members have spent many hours understanding the legislation and its consequences.  They give up their own time to provide advice to members.  Members phone, write a letter or email our advisors for help with problems they are having on their park.  Some of the frequent concerns regard Pitch Fees, maintenance issues, pitch boundaries, harassment, residents’ associations, utility charges, site rules, selling park homes and first-tier property tribunals.

Our advisors do not normally get involved with neighbourly disputes but can direct members to other sources of advice.

We are always looking for more members to become advisors.  Support will be provided.  More advisors would take some of the pressure off the Committee and enable us to provide a more efficient service.

Your NAPHR Committee will continue to do all they can to ensure that members lives in their park homes should be peaceful, enjoyable and worry free.